Excelsior + Bernal Heights Couples Session / San Francisco Engagement Photographer


Excelsior + Bernal Heights Couple Session / San Francisco Engagement Photographer

Adlyn, Ruben + Riley

Fellow San Francisco natives Adlyn and Ruben got married last year and they wanted to capture the San Francisco they grew up to know and love. They brought along their cute little dog Riley, which I was extra excited about. Dogs are always welcomed- encouraged even, during shoots!

We started the session off at their favorite local taqueria, Taqueria Guadalajara in the Excelsior district where they picked up some tacos to go. We took a little walk with Riley down Mission street, capturing a few unique murals and paintings in the neighborhood. The Excelsior is actually also the neighborhood I grew up in, so it was a bit like taking a walk down memory lane for me as well.

Afterwards we made our way to Bernal Heights park, where they set up a blanket to enjoy their tacos in front of one of the best views of the city. Not the most “traditional” San Francisco skyline view, but with Sutro Tower in view, the view definitely felt like home for the SF natives (myself included).