Hi there! My name is Khariza, and I'm an intimate wedding and lifestyle photographer based out of San Francisco. As an SF native (yes, those still exist!), I hold this place near and dear to my heart- to this day I’m constantly blown away by the beauty of the city that has helped shape my inspiration and passion.

Growing up in such a culturally diverse city prompted my perpetual case of wanderlust. Photography has always been a way for me to easily reminisce on a memory and is my favorite souvenir when traveling. Check out my travel galleries! I love being able to look at a photo and think about how I felt in that moment or at that point in my life. Which brings me to why I do this- I love to be able to offer that experience to others!

I’ve been working at Minted for the past 6 years and started off as a Wedding Design Associate, where I assisted customers in customizing invitation and wedding suite templates. I then assisted in training for new employees, covering process, technique and a ton of wedding etiquette. Needless to say, I know just how much goes into planning a wedding and all the little details that make your big day special- so count on me to be that extra bit of support!

When shooting, I’m definitely about going with the flow and making sure you feel comfortable. I like to keep things pretty chill (think of me as your friend with a camera!) I'm almost always smiling or laughing, so at some point, I'm going to make sure I see those pearly whites!

If you’re interested in capturing unforgettable moments or making small moments unforgettable (take that Hallmark! haha) I’d love to chat. Let’s create something great together!

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fun facts:

  • I have quite the dog obsession. Pointing out the cutest dogs in the street is my favorite game.

  • I have 4 siblings: 2 sisters and 2 brothers

  • I love Thai food, I just can't get enough of them flavors!

  • I like Zumba. It's fun, alright!? Also, my mom teaches at the gym and I take her class every week.

  • My music library is somewhat of a melting pot. Who says you can't like Drake and Ella Fitzgerald?